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All organizations, regardless of size, rely on their employees for ensuring that their ongoing operations are smooth and effective.  That being said, organizations should also invest in those same employees by keeping them happy, motivated and healthy.  This investment in your employees will not only benefit your employees, but also the organization as a whole.

We’d like to share three easy ways to sow the seeds of wellbeing in your organization. These ideas are fairly easy to implement even if you are a small organization with limited budget. Remember, the success of these strategies relies on leadership and management being on board and participating in those same initiatives.

  1. Create an inviting and healthier workplace. Provide access to filtered water to encourage appropriate hydration. If you have vending machines, be sure to include healthier options within them. Provide a dedicated eating area that is clean, comfortable and inviting to encourage employees to not eat at their desks.
  2. Establish an employee engagement board in a common area. Employees can post healthy recipes they have tried, a sign-up sheet for a community walking event nearby, or health and wellbeing motivational quotes.  It’s a fun way to get everyone involved.
  3. Start an organizational monthly newsletter that include articles on various health and wellbeing topics. Each month, assign someone new in the organization to write the article.  It’s a great way to promote comradery amongst your employees.

Small steps in the right direction focusing on your employees’ health and wellbeing can lead to profitable possibilities for your organization!
If you have more easy to implement ideas to share, we would love to hear about it!


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