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As you well know, the goal of identifying and treating malnutrition in nursing facility residents is to improve patient outcomes, reduce readmission rates and prevent additional complications therefore reducing economic burden. Rates of malnutrition in the post-acute care setting (rehabilitation, skilled nursing or nursing home) range from 14-51% however, actual diagnosis of malnutrition is much lower. Malnutrition has a negative impact on resident outcomes including increased length of stay, additional complications and readmissions. US Economic Burden of Disease-Associated Malnutrition Is Estimated to be $157 Billion Annually. Under the PDPM payment system malnutrition and malnutrition risk are recognized as having increased costs related to supplies and treatment and are assigned a point value in the Non-Therapy Ancillary Category.

As your trusted partner, Dietary Solutions can guide you through the various changes to reimbursement under the PDPM payment system. Our various consulting, training, and resource kits are an affordable way to help take the burden off your staff.

  1. Our easy-to-use PDPM Resource Kit is a downloadable PDF that is sent immediately upon purchase via our website. It includes an overview of PDPM changes, nutrition related best practices and categories for SLP, nursing and non-therapy ancillary needs.
  2. We can provide Personalized PDPM Consulting customized to your facility to analyze your nutrition related systems and processes and implement strategies to make sure you utilize best practices for PDPM compliance and reimbursement.
  3. Dietary Solutions can assist your facilities in maximizing nutrition-related reimbursement under the PDPM payment system through our PDPM Virtual Training. This training provides an overview of nutrition impacts in PDPM and recommended best practices utilizing a webinar format.
  4. Let our PDPM subject matter experts assist your facility with maximizing resident outcomes and nutrition-related reimbursement through our On-Site PDPM Training. This training combines our virtual training, resource kit and 4 hours of on-site consulting. You will receive an individualized report assessing your current nutrition related PDPM status and recommendations which will lead to improved outcomes and maximized reimbursement for the residents in your care.


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