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A study conducted by Leeds Metropolitan University of its workers revealed that job performance improved on the same day employees exercised. Those who exercised, experienced an improved mood and better performance, leading to better concentration, better work-based relationships, and resilience to stress.

Here are 4 Tips to keep your employees active and moving at work!

  1. Hold walking meetings – Have a topic where you need to brainstorm or discuss a project. Instead of sitting at your desk try taking a walk around the building or outside.  This will get the body moving and ideas moving? Need a record of the meeting? How about recording the meeting while walking so the great ideas are not missed.
  2. Exercise with a coworker – On your break get a group of coworkers together and partake in an activity such as an exercise video or walking club.  Employees are more likely to continue an activity if they have someone who is partaking with them.
  3. Exercise ball instead of a chair – Using the exercise ball will strengthen the core and improve poster.  The core will strengthen while sitting as the muscles will need to be used for support.  There will be no chance for slouching with an exercise balance.  Always check with your employer to make sure exercise balls are allowed.
  4. Have screen time breaks – With sitting becoming the new smoking it is important to take breaks away from the computer.  Everyone hour try and get up for at least 3 minutes.  During these three minutes do some active stretches such as neck rolls are arm circles.  Your body will instantly feel the relief.  If you suffer from a tight back, try a nice hamstring stretch or a downward dog yoga pose to relieve the pain.

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